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Road To Independence : Journey To Work For Myself.

So I started my coding journey when I decided that there was nothing I wanted more then to create video games, everything about them just called to me and I loved them so much, so I decided the best bet was college!!

4 years of programming and I would be able to build video games!! Well, it did not really work out how I wanted it to, I love coding but there was so much theory and so much math that I focused more on that then it seems anything else, don’t get me wrong, we coded a lot but it was along the likes of C++, Java, Python and Assembly. I thought those languages we’re awesome, I mean it taught me a lot about the world of programming, but somewhere through that journey I decided that video games was not for me, so I graduated from college with a pretty nice GPA and realized I had to make a choice. Go for full out software development, game development or something I had loved longer then the thought of making games..Web Development.

Web Development was something I was into since I first touched a keyboard, a small little forum and myspace was what brought me into that world, so I made a decision to join a bootcamp I mean I figured that would put me right where I wanted to be, and to a point it did, well it did and didn’t, let us say that it pushed me towards the right area just not the right path.

So project after project, code challenge after code challenge, I finally finished the bootcamp with a pretty good knowledge of code and the ability to build cool projects. I got a job working at a place I currently work at and it isn’t a bad job, I rather enjoy my coworkers and bosses and etc but I decided after a couple years of helping people learn to code, building projects and etc that I wanted to freelance/work for myself. So that leads me to now, well actually to two weeks ago when I decided to pick up PHP. I know JavaScript pretty well, libraries of it, frameworks, and etc. so i decided the next best thing would be PHP. I know people who think that is crazy but my reasoning is this, I can use node, pretty well. There is always things to learn and you can always get better but I can build projects with it. But node is not being used for small or medium companies where I love. It is being used mainly for start-ups. So i figured with WordPress still going very strong, and Laravel getting so much love that PHP would be the correct move.

Plus, i was always told that a developer should have a tool box and should be able to get in that toolbox and pull the right language out for the job. That now brings me to today. So the reason I am writing this is I want to document my journey from where I am now, to building my own brand, and building a network. So I hope you enjoy the journey!!

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