TeamTreeHouse – Lambda School and The Journey to Code

I have been working through Team Tree Houses Techdegree, as I wanted to test it out and fill in some missing pieces, So since I have a C.S. degree and have completed Lambda School I decided what better thing to do than learn more in depth code when I am not working, instead of playing video games(Which I do miss). But for educational purposes and my constant curiosity of everything, I have to put the controller down for now.  Being an alumni of Lambda I have access to the material so I decided to utilize it, I mean it is a completely different school and constantly gets better so it is always an opportunity waiting to happen. I am Doing tree house during the day and Lambda content at night.  I mean at first it was


I felt overwhelmed, confused, and like I was stuck in some weird web of code. But after a few bottles of water, some peanut butter cups and some good music I decided to think of it like college. In college I had multiple classes going at the same time, for the same term for different languages. So after 2 weeks of this it is all finally starting to blend together. And I must say the journey is starting to be exciting, I am understanding and learning things I was a bit iffy on, trying things I used to not think I could build, I mean its been a complete different journey than my first time through. I think that is because my imposter syndrome is starting to subside and I am becoming comfortable with my ability and I am understanding more how I learn.


I think that is the main difference, you have to tell yourself you can do it, no matter how many times you feel you can’t, Especially during the times you feel you can’t. This is just my introduction to this and I am going to be posting stories, small tutorials and etc from here on out. Just wanted to start my story.



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