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Team Treehouse Techdegree Unit 1 : Review

The journey of code through a techdegree!!

TLDR: Unit 1 is amazing, the community is amazing, and this is by far one of my favorite learning experiences and I recommend it highly.

So a few months ago I decided to try the Techdegree from Teamtreehouse. After signing up and paying the cost of the monthly fee, which is not the cheapest at 200 dollars a month. However the quality is very well worth it. I was sent a welcome email and a link to the Slack channel which I think is awesome. I then started diving into the curriculum and from the very beginning it was exceptional. There was very detailed hand holding at first, and as the lessons in the unit continued it got less and less hand holdy.

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TeamTreeHouse – Lambda School and The Journey to Code

I have been working through Team Tree Houses Techdegree, as I wanted to test it out and fill in some missing pieces, So since I have a C.S. degree and have completed Lambda School I decided what better thing to do than learn more in depth code when I am not working, instead of playing video games(Which I do miss). But for educational purposes and my constant curiosity of everything, I have to put the controller down for now.  Being an alumni of Lambda I have access to the material so I decided to utilize it, I mean it is a completely different school and constantly gets better so it is always an opportunity waiting to happen. I am Doing tree house during the day and Lambda content at night.  I mean at first it was

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Tips & Tricks for Impostor Syndrome

This is a guest post by Smiles & Code

A couple of months back, I had the pleasure of focusing on a topic, breaking it down and creating a list of tips as to how to work on the issue and fight back against something so many of us in the tech community face on a daily basis.

You’ve got that right, I’m talking about Impostor Syndrome.

I feel like that list is still and always will have a relevancy for tech, especially because it’s a career and field that is continuously challenging, evolving and introducing new features and languages that we as coders need to pick up and learn, in order to improve whatever it is that we may be creating at the time. Continue Reading